Family Law
Family law problems are notorious for being costly and difficult, but they do not always have to be that way. We work to help our clients pursue legal solutions that are comprehensive and efficient and not tear apart the fabric of the family.

family-lawWe also recognize that a prompt response and open-minded communication are vital, and we therefore make it a point to be readily accessible and to promptly return all calls.

What is in the best interest of the child? As the rewarding but often difficult task of parenting becomes even more arduous when two parties separate, that is the question at the center of every custody case in Lancaster and Berks Counties and beyond.

As your lawyers, we will work with you to find an answer to that question. To this end, we will take the time to learn about you and your child. We will take the information that we find in order to design a legal strategy dedicated to protecting the interests of the child and helping you to attain your custody goals, while considering today’s demanding schedules and addressing the best needs of the child.

Family matters should be resolved by the parties, if possible. After all, no one understands the needs of your children like you do. If your spouse is reasonable, it is better for the two of you to make decisions rather than a judge, who may have the best intentions, but will never know the children as well as the two of you. In such cases, we will assist you in defining your goals and work towards a settlement that meets those goals. However, if your spouse is unreasonable, the experienced attorneys at the Mejia Law Group are prepared to aggressively represent your interest in court. We will assist clients to document facts that will support the elements that the Court will look for if a Custody Hearing is necessary.

Child Support
Guidelines exist so that child support orders can be calculated by entering numbers into a formula. The most important numbers are the incomes of both parents. Our role as Lancaster/Berks County child support attorneys involves making certain that all of the relevant financial information is disclosed and calculated in the formula. In some cases, unique situations exist that require deviation from the formula. We will make sure that any such situations are identified and handled appropriately.

The professionals at the Mejia Law Group will gather the necessary information and calculate the support, so that our client knows what he or she will be paying or receiving each month before litigation begins.

We understand that divorce is a sensitive matter and likely one of the most stressful times in your life and we are committed to providing compassionate and confidential legal advice and representation.

Our attorneys will help you identify, value and divide the marital estate. At times, family law matters are complex and making decisions regarding property valuation and business valuation may require expertise outside the legal arena. Our firm works with accountants, financial analysts and other professionals to help determining the best course of action for our clients.

We offer experienced representation that will help keep you grounded and provide you with sound advice while we zealously protect your legal interest and property rights.

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